April Sucked…

April Sucked… 150 150 Todd Snider

Todd Snider Road Journal: Volume 4, April 2003
April Sucked…

April sucked…

Shows got canceled… which is as bad as
life gets for me… It’s like having
Christmas canceled.

More importantly, one of nashville’s
greatest talents… tony brown… was hurt
very badly out in Hollywood… he had a
freak fall in a restaurant and is now in
need of prayers and good thoughts…

for those of you who don’t know, tony
brown is the president of universal south
records, he was the president of mca in
Nashville and he also produced my first
two albums along with albums by nancy
Griffith, lyle Lovett, and steve earle who
he discovered…

most importantly though, is the fact that
he is one of the most open and kind
giving people in this town… a very non-
typical record executive who allowed me
to try anything I wanted to. He also has
taught and continues to teach me about

he showed me how to find the parts and
arrangements to a song by taping it with
just a guitar and then listening to see
what my right hand was doing without

he’d say “you’re already playing the riff…
just not on purpose..”

for better or worse, if you like my music
or hate it… tony brown is a big part of
the reason why…

he also, along with his wife Anastasia,
throws the best parties in this town… I
just know that he is going to be fine but
please, … if you pray, pray for my friend