WHERE WAS AUGUST? 150 150 Todd Snider

Todd Snider Road Journal: Volume 8, September 2003

Did that happen to you too? me too.
it was july and then it was october.
some kind of mix up
like the government or something …..
after skip died i went to the bar……
met a whole lot of people that i still dont know
just got in about an hour ago
the shows i played in august i dont think were that great
the crowds were great…
my mind is on my friend skip and my friend kent.
i’m not ashamed of shows that arent great
just ones that arent honest
so im not ashamed of the shows.
just think i coulda done better
i’m a little more back to normal
and i just had a great time in urbana saturday
sorry to not write in so long
our computer crashed for a while there
and i also stopped picking up the phone
plus i had nothing to say
i’ve been working on new songs though

out on the road so many of you have said so many nice things
about the last time i wrote stuff up here
i sure appreciate it.
i dont have any funny stories from the last couple of months
cant really remember much.
didn’t want to.
my give a shitters broken and
my heart is in san marcos

many of you have been asking me about this nervous wreck thing.
for starters joe mariencheck wont be there
not because he’s not wanted
for years now i’ve been trying to tell many of you
what i understand about
why joe quit
without getting it wrong or speaking for him.
…but when i try to pass it on after shows
some of you still look confused.
the other day it occurred to me
joe is listed
if you really need to know.
long distance information get me memphis TN.
and ask him yourself
i cant say anything other than that i love him
that i thought he was the heart of the nervous wrecks
and that it really will not be the same without him
we oughta just call it the wrecks
with that said….
we found someone
at least just as crazy
who agreed to play bass
i’ve never heard him play bass
i cant even prove he knows how
i just like him
and with that
i thought
what the fuck
and so i called kimbrough
and he thought what the fuck
everybody thought what the fuck
in fact
i think thats how the whole mess got started to begin with
so now what?
god i dont know.
i try not to look at things like they are up to me.
im a natural born pinball
with no desire to be something else
i do know that we’ll be doing a show in santa cruz
in december with the same line up as reno

what time is it?
now what time is it?

hey crusher
good to see you in indy
we gotta get together
play the prine game again
i saw a post you did somewhere
about your midnight Harley ride
i love you
oh fuck it
i love all y’all
not just some a y’all
but all y’all
thats it for now

“i’m taking a walk
i’m going outside
just me and the birds
i dont need a ride”